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Flying the Skies at the park

When you step out of your comfort zone, you become more confident and more prepared to make decisions – so it’s no surprise that Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work staged Vertigo, an adrenaline-fuelled event for Guests on the Park.

Over the course of the one-day event, 180 people flew along 132m zip wire.

The line was positioned from the roof of building four, allowing people to fly over the Events Plaza and lake before landing back on terra-firma outside building 10. Those who preferred activities a little closer to the ground could take a turn on a climbing wall or enjoy a spot of baby bouldering.

Entertainment was provided by Mountainbike Stunt Team, MAD Sports and DJ Eight Ray Music. Street food was available from Union Bar.

Speaking about the event, Graham White, CEO of Enjoy-Work said: “Vertigo is one of our most popular event and loved by participants and spectators alike. Certainly it’s great fun to hurtle across the Park on a zip wire, but the event has huge business benefits too.
“When faced with a difficult decision, many people flounder and choose inaction – learning to take risks in a safe environment, such as a zip wire, can actually help people to become less risk averse, and more inclined to take difficult decisions in their business life.