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Olympians lead the way in a new way to Enjoy-Sport

Guest post by Chiswick School work experience student
Chiswick Business Park is not necessarily the most conventional white collar, office packed business park, to work in for sure, but it seems to keep outdoing itself with bigger and better events and demonstrations.

This week for example, an inflatable football pitch and a netball court were laid out on the plaza for employees to let their competitive side out, all as part of their lunch break, and part of their every day. In charge of the 'Sports HQ' were Martyn Bernard, an Olympic high jumper who competed in the Beijing Olympics, and Montel Douglas who also competed in Beijing in 100m and the 200m. She has held commonwealth and other GB athletic record times. They have both found a place to work in the business park, under Enjoy-Work, where they have almost as much of a challenge...

It seems that having two Olympians and ridiculous, yet outstandingly entertaining, sports events are normality for those at the park. In the past, other events have included: dodge ball, tennis and even golf! Perhaps this is all down to Enjoy-Work, who run the park and manages all these events; they have a different outlook on how a work place should be run, their catch phrase: If you enjoy work, you do better work. And the employees, or guests as they are called at the Park, certainly seem to enjoy themselves. In the 4 a-side football at least, the competitiveness was ridiculously high, but all in good sprit as they knew they would be back to working next to each other within the hour. That's not to say it wasn't not taken seriously in any way. Me and my friend Shea, who are both doing work experience for Enjoy-Work, got a chance to play a match against the Vue team from the park as Aker Solution’s "Hot Shots" had to drop out due to injury traumas. A 5-0 defeat is nothing to be proud of or brag about, but it was still a fantastic experience.
Not only were there conventional sports taking place there, a health and fitness course hosted by Virgin Active was taking place. This took twenty minutes and was an intense workout for those involved. The quick firing routines they did include mat work, cardio and muscle building. Needless to say it was hard work, but rewarding for those who wanted to break more than an average sweat over their lunch break.
Designed over 14 years ago by Richard Rogers and Stanhope with the idea of an environmentally sustainable future, the park was ahead of its time. Not only in its futuristic and beautiful design, but in its carbon neutral ideal, something it has stuck to over the years. The park itself boasts a 30 acre area, within it, an attractive water feature lake and waterfall, over 300 trees and a display of wildlife. As well of this there are any number of well-known companies in its 11 (soon to be 12) buildings on site. These companies include Disney, Discovery UK, Aker Solutions, Paramount, Pepsi and even ESPN. All of whom seem to have their own football 4 a-side team, each as madly competitive as each other.
Clearly, the Business Park and Enjoy-Work had the event under control, all thanks to the work ethic of those working in the team. This has got to be the future of large organizations and management. The event was set up and organised clinically with heartfelt enthusiasm, and then packed up quickly and effectively. All the time, the staff kept their priorities in the right place and put the 'guests' first, making sure they did not disrupt any work or business that was taking place. This adept and admirable service that the staff seem to stick too, is almost perfect, but for them it is just another day and they feel they are doing nothing more than what is expected of them. However it does not feel as if they are putting anything on or falsifying their enthusiasm, it all seems to be their view on their job. Sports leader and Olympian Martyn Bernard said about the event "It was the best one we've done in a while" and cheekily about his team " I guess they just had a great leader."
Later the same week, Enjoy-Work, Global Games Sports and Will to Win Tennis are hosting a tennis event in the same plaza which has seen any array of sporting marvels. Who knows how big or fanatical these sporting events will become? As the park is open to the public as a through-way, why not come in and have a look for yourself? Any summer Wednesday or Friday there is bound to be something Enjoyable happening.