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Enjoy-sport reaches it’s halfway point

Guest post from Nikoleta Gashi and Hanan Ali from Chiswick School

Yesterday’s weekly Enjoy-Sports event saw more than forty big shot dodge ball fanatics take a break from the office and take to the events plaza at lunchtime where their dodging, dipping, ducking and diving was the highlight of everyone’s lunch break, with crowds gathering from their tens to hundreds and guest workers cheering from the side-lines, the event was hugely popular.

Alongside the big shots were a team of forty avid footballing bright sparks, who despite the expected midday downpour, still played to the final whistle. The sports programme that runs for sixteen weeks has now reached its halfway point- with the competition heating up more than ever before, who would’ve thought how fast the word of sport could trigger such a competitive streak in our guests? Perhaps London 2012 is bringing out an athlete in all of us?

The Enjoy-sport day is a chance for more than 6000 business big shots and bright sparks from 43 different corporates i.e. (Swarovski, Disney, Starbucks and Discovery channel) to take to the Chiswick park plaza and go head to head, corporate by corporate, round by round in badminton, football and dodge ball events, for a place in the sports final on 5th September 2012.

Yesterday’s event encouraged team building, making the most of leisure time and simultaneously created a sense of community in building bridges between business networks across the landscape. “I come out to mix with my teammates and be competitive and have some fun” said Jill from Ranbaxy.

Now is it every day that your workmates let you strike balls at them?