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It is great to have a group focused on getting info/having fun, enjoying our surroundings and life - it's a wonderful mission statement.
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People who enjoy their work are more productive and loyal. It’s on this undeniable truth that we at Chiswick Park base our ‘Enjoy-Work’ philosophy, which for more than 12 years has been supporting market and world-leading companies.

At the heart of our philosophy is a belief that supporting and engaging individuals first is the key to productive and engaged employees. Happy people are more committed, more creative and productive.

Incorporating this simple, yet powerful idea: Enjoy Work, we have created an environment that supports our guest as individuals. Providing this on site, making it accessible and giving our guests the opportunity for personal fulfillment we have successfully created a sustainable community. We strive to introduce like-minded people, who enjoy the same interest and passions and this at the heart of creating our community.

Our philosophy is the heart of Enjoy-Work and we are confident it works – on both an individual and corporate level.

Chiswick Park is regarded as one of the most successful business park developments of recent years. The award- winning physical environment houses the UK and European headquarters of some of the world’s most recognised industry leading brands who understand that a combination of a physical environment coupled with individual fulfillment provides a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best talent, and our annual guest survey continues to support the work we are doing.

We firmly believe that the role of collaboration, socialising, learning and physical environment fosters greater innovation and creativity in the workplace. If people enjoy work, they do better work. If they do better work you have a better business.